Blott - Stationery with a Twistt

Creating a good news story on the high street.

Here's the thing - children love stationery.
When they learn to write they are learning to express their identities and personalities through choice and creativity.  The stationery category suddenly becomes key in this. And of course parents and grand parents get rich emotional reward from being seen to stimulate this development.
And here's another thing apart from dear old Paperchase there really isn't anything serving this need on the High Street.  And when you think about it a bit more, Paperchase is 80% for adults and 20% for kids.
So there's a huge opportunity. Plenty of fans. No brands. It is high margin but also high perceived value. A perfect value exchange. 
So we created Blott. From scratch and with a Twistt of course. The positioning, the strategy, the name, the identity, the culture, the products. We loved the idea so much we became shareholders in the business.
We now have 6 shops with plans for 10 more and an online store
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