Onions, Keys and Pyramids

Brand positioning made simple

Cue collective groan. We’ve all seen them.  But few of us have ever seen a good one.
Most often form (filling) without function. Work shop without the work. The Emperor most definitely without clothes.
Almost always the wooliness is justified by the phrase ‘it’s only meant to be an internal document’.  Internal because no one with any common sense (i.e. the consumer) would understand it.
We’ve got to put an end to this madness. To the confusion of complexity and compromise.
How about creating a brand positioning statement that anyone and everyone can understand. From the associate working in store. To the regional sales manager. To the fresh faced creative who gets chucked a last minute brief. Because let’s face they are folk who hold the destiny of the brand in their hand. And yes let’s create a brand positioning statement that we wouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to show consumers.
So let’s create a hard working document that is simple, straightforward and true. Because the more people understand it, the more they can evangelise it to others. And the more fans the brand will have.
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