Welch's Purple Grape Juice

A brand re-invented. A brand turned around.

Welch’s Purple Grape Juice is an icon brand in the US but suffered from low awareness, household penetration and sales in the UK.
Welch’s existing fan base was an older woman buying the product for medicinal reasons to help with the afflictions that come with ageing.  Working closely with the UK team and in partnership with the US brand owners, we identified a compelling USP – Welch’s has twice the antioxidants of orange juice.
This enabled us to develop a strategy that would turn the brand around. Now we could extend the appeal of the brand to younger, health conscious women who were already aware of and receptive to messaging about antioxidants and their role in general wellbeing. Our programme also had a clear source of business as orange equates to 70% of all juice sold.
The results were spectacular. Total sales grew by 44%. The customer base grew by 32%. The frequency of purchase grew by 31%. The average weight of purchase grew by 27%. Prompted brand awareness grew by 246%. And consumer recognition of the brand best for antioxidants placed Welch’s at number one up from number 7. Millward Brown called it “the best performing campaign in the category”.
“I have been truly blessed by working with such a great creative team! Only one other time in my 40 year career have I had the opportunity to work with creative giants who have brought breakthrough material to the client and to the market. This is the stuff that makes it all worthwhile.”   Bill Hewins, Vice President International Welch's Juices.
“A phenomenal performance vs. most brands. This growth is being driven by strong advertising (#1 in advertising awareness among juice brands). Without this campaign our sales would definitely be in decline. My Agency deserves an award.”  Mitch Levene Welch’s Country Manager
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