Grant's Whisky

A journey from price to prized fighter

Historically, Grant’s Whisky has been traded on price. However, the brand team were charged with a bold ambition to reposition the brand to grow both volume and value. To make Grant’s one of the top selling blended scotch whiskies in the world.
We worked with Grant’s to develop a brand positioning, strategy and platform that would resonate on a global basis, challenging and cutting through against well-funded competition from huge global conglomerates like Diageo, Pernod Ricard and LVMH.
We identified a global audience of ‘subtle choice’ whisky drinkers, who aspired to move beyond the obvious and ultimately two-dimensional lifestyle badge brands in the category to something richer, multi-sensory, and rewarding.
We developed a campaign that still provided the ‘social validation’ that is key in the category, but a campaign that celebrated the liquid and the intelligence of the drinker rather than simply providing a picture of an elevated social status for the drinker to aspire to.
The campaign challenged drinkers to ‘Try a Different Angle’ - a gentle stimulation to move on in their whisky journey and a call to switch from competitor brands.
Grant’s has become the world’s number three top selling Scotch whisky and sales are up by 20% to over five million cases worldwide. Alongside volume gains, the value of the brand has increased as Grant’s now commands a more premium price point. In the UK the brand achieved its three-year objective in just six months.
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