The Fostering Network

A recruitment campaign with a difference

Finding high quality foster parents is a perennial challenge. Indeed there is currently a need for 10,000. We were appointed to create the first national campaign to recruit foster carers since 2000. 
Word-of-mouth from existing foster carers is the most important factor in the recruitment of new foster carers. So we listened to how they ‘sold’ fostering.  Their approach wasn't the one used in most advertising which typically attempts to tug the heartstrings with messages about disadvantaged children.  Rather they got people to recognise in themselves qualities that make a great foster carer.  This insight informed a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy and became the campaign platform.
'The Recognise the Qualities you’ve got' campaign was launched by the Minister of State to coincide with the UK’s national Foster Care Fortnight. It was the most successful recruitment drive ever with 175 fostering services taking part. The campaign reached 28 million people, helping to inform the public about fostering and to recruit a new generation of foster carers. Four out of five fostering services saw an increase in the number of enquiries about fostering and in the first three days alone the helpline received over 600 calls from potential carers.
“My Agency’s response to our brief showed a deep understanding of the challenges and a passion for solving them. Thanks to all My Agency’s work we’ve had our bestFostering Awareness Fortnight ever.” Helen Clarke,  Campaign Manager, Fostering Network.
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